Are you bright and bold or subtle and soft?

You website color scheme speaks volumes about you and your business.

It’s the first thing users will notice when they visit your website, and it makes a lasting impression.

Different colors have different subconscious psychological meanings.

Your color palette will have a huge impact in determining how a visitor reacts to your business and website.

Do you want visitors to fill out a form, call you, buy a product online? Choosing the right combinations of colors can get visitors to take action, or adversely, bounce from your site.

Colors represents 85% of the choice a visitor makes in choosing to buy from a company.

What do your website colors say about your business?

How do you choose and leverage a color palette to get visitors to take action?

Here, we’ll explore the psychological meanings of colors and how to benefit from color psychology in your website design. It’s also important to consider the following:

  • overall meaning associated with each color
  • which colors are recommended for your specific industry
  • know your target audience preferences

The Psychology of Colors

RED The most stimulating color that evokes passion, strength and love. It can also signify power, and conversely, aggression, so it’s recommended in small doses.

ORANGE Associated with optimism, energy and excitement. It’s a tricky color as kids and adults either love or hate it.

YELLOW Happiness, clarity and curiosity. It’s also used for warning signs so it’s also best in small doses. It’s a great solution for calling attention to a specific item or call-to-action button.

GREEN Used frequently for nature, prosperity and health, as well as money and growth. It’s become increasingly popular across a myriad of industries.

BLUE Most popular color with both men and women. Represents trust and security, and oddly, is also known to naturally suppress appetites, so it’s widely used in the food/diet industry.

PURPLE Signifies imagination, royalty and wisdom and resonates most with women. It’s not for every industry, but for a select few it can be the perfect choice.

PINK Symbolizes femininity, respect and gratitude. The softness of this color lends itself best to confectionery and baby products.

Although the following colors are not part of the traditional color palette, it’s important to understand their characteristics should they be applicable to your business and industry:

BROWN This is the least popular color for web design. Although its connotations are dependable and rugged, both men and women tend to dislike it.

WHITE A quite powerhouse. “white space” is vital in web design and conveys freedom and visual breathing on a web page. However, it can difficult on the eyes if paired with a true black color scheme.

BLACK Sophisticated, classic and edgy, but can easily dominate your design if used too liberally. Dark shades or lighter tints are recommended.

Whether you’re looking to launch or redesign your website, it’s important to consider the meanings associated with color psychology. Be sure your color scheme properly represents you and your business. It’s equally important to understand how you choose different color combinations.

Source: Trajectory Photo by mark broadhurst from Pexels

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