Exceller Marketing Blog Worst Email Subject LinesDon’t look like a fool. You can’t hide behind your sunglasses, nor should you want to. People are smart and can sense when they’re being conned. 

Although the summer months might be a time to hit the beach and relax, it’s also a good time to stay top-of-mind with your customers and prospects. And now, it’s easier than ever with email marketing.

But I implore you to be honest and ethical in your marketing communications. If you’re email subject line is untruthful or misleading, you may get someone to quickly open it, but I can guarantee they’ll hit the spam button just as quickly.

People buy from people they “know, like and trust” so be upfront and creative, not sneaky or deceptive.

Here are the worst email subject lines that you should never, ever use.

5 Worst Email Subject Lines

These words should not be included in your subject lines whether they stand alone, or are part of a longer sentence. The goal here is to intrigue and engage without being deceptive and/or boring. 

1. “Open Me”

Don’t desperately cry out to be opened. It makes you look weak and desperate, while providing no value to your readers.

2. “Never Again”

Do not exaggerate or sensationalize your subject line. This will do nothing for your readers but turn them off and let them down, if your content fails to live up to the hype.

3. “Monthly Update” and “Weekly Newsletter”

How boring are these? Spice up your generic subject lines to provide a bit more intrigue and excitement, not disinterest and indifference.

4. “Typos!”

Ok.  This is not a subject line, but sending out an email subject line with a typo or grammar mistake hurts your credibility. Before sending, proof carefully and ask a business associate or friend to look it over for another pass.

5. “ALL CAPS” and “Punctuation Abuser!!!!”

Again, not a subject line, but all caps and multiple punctuation marks comes across as angry, yelling and aggressive. If you have something really important to say, it’s acceptable to put one key word in all caps, i.e. “FREE shipping on all orders.” Don’t abuse or overuse.

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