The question every small business owner should ask… “Is my website helping or hurting my business especially during COVID-19?”

People are logging on to the web in record numbers.  Having an amazing customer experience is a necessity, not a luxury.

It’s estimated that around 90% of American’s are online, and that number continues to grow.  Pretty much every business, in every industry, everywhere, has a website. However, who’s actually generating leads and gaining more customers? It’s a highly competitive online world and small businesses need to do everything they can to get more satisfied visitors and customers.

75% of people judge a business by its website, especially during COVID-19.

Here, we’re sharing with you the inside scoop on what industry sources reveal about first website impressions and what users need to make or break your credibility, reputation and business overall.

Top 10 Industry Statistics:

1.  Visitors form an opinion about your website in about 50 milliseconds…that’s 0.05 seconds…as to whether they like it, and will stay or leave.

2.  57% of visitors say they will not recommend your business if it is not mobile-friendly.

3.  88% of online consumers say they will not return to a website after a bad experience.

4.  A visitor spends approximately 5.94 seconds looking at the main image of a website.

5.  70% of small businesses lack a Call-to-Action on their website home page.

6.  67% of people would prefer to read something beautifully designed, vs. plain.

7.  First impressions of a website are 94% design related.

8.  Nearly 80% of consumers will leave a website if the content doesn’t display properly.

9.  Visitors spend nearly 5.59 seconds looking at written content on a website.

10.  According to Google, 61% of visitors are unlikely to return to a website if it’s not mobile-ready, and 40% will visit a competitor’s site instead.

The good news is, if your business has any of these issues, they are fixable.  It all starts with the right digital marketing partner.

Source: SWEOR

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