funny cat in grassLet’s face it…we’ve all felt a little crazy.

Isolated, feeling alone and disconnected from our normal routines.

These past two-plus years have been unprecedented and challenging to say the least. It’s changed the way we live, work and play.

That’s why small business owners must re-evaluate how they market and sell their products and services.

Consumers need a break from the traditional “hard sell” and need a softer, more inviting approach to feel safe and secure when dealing with a business.

The same holds true for how we market and sell to our community, both online and offline.

The goal of 2022 is to help consumers feel more comfortable, less irritated and less stressed.

In order to be successful, we need to understand the “new consumer” behavior and expectations for 2022, so we can adapt our small business strategies to thrive in today’s ever-changing environment.

1. Healthy and welcoming

People everywhere just want to feel safe. They are diligent about cleanliness and feeling healthy. It’s important you reassure them that your business, products and services are safe. Use shapes, images and colors that communicate comfort, reduce anxiety and promote healthy habits:

  • images and designs of outdoor scenery or greenery in office spaces, i.e. home decor items (plants, flowers)
  • harmonious elements that reinforce feelings of comfort and safety, including lots of non-cluttered, “white space” designs on digital and print marketing materials.
  • clearly communicate your health, safety and sanitary protocols.

2. Inviting and attentive

People tend to have short attention spans. If you want to capture a visitor’s attention, consider adding simple animation to your website. This may include:

  • moving background designs and icons
  • subtle changing colors and contrasts, i.e. blue and greens are recommended for background colors, and orange and red for highlighting moving images and interactions

3. Happy and fun

People want to be inspired, and need to get back to being happy and having fun. Choose designs that show positive, warm interactions, including:

  • bright colors or designs that are fun and uplifting (like my animal blog pic above!)
  • adding inspirational quotes or client testimonials to denote trust and comfort

4. Simple and modern

Simple and modern designs help businesses showcase their products and services more effectively:

  • focus should be on the benefits of the products and services to the client, not speeds and feeds
  • get rid of the bells-and-whistles that have no true value and take up precious space

5. Targeted and meaningful

With today’s information overload, it’s more important than ever to speak directly to the likes and values of your target audience:

  • clearly communicate how you solve a problem or provide a benefit to your ideal customer
  • personalize your messaging to focus on their needs and wants, not your company sales pitch
  • make them feel valued, respected and understood

All of your marketing communications should start with your website design. Then, this becomes the jump-off point for creating all other marketing materials, both digital and traditional.

Source: Crowdspring

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