3 Reasons you need a marketing plan

Small business owners don’t intentionally set out planning to fail. Typically, other priorities or lack of knowledge results in failing to plan, which can make the difference between that epic win or tragic loss.

Just like we make new year’s resolutions for ourselves, we need to do the same for our business.

Marketing plans aren’t just for big businesses. In fact, they’re just as critical for small businesses to make sure you stay focused and on budget to reach your goals.

Your business can’t survive without a marketing plan, especially in today’s ever-changing world of digital marketing and technology, where the competition is fierce.

Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote…
“If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”

Are you equipped to capture more market-share or be left in the dust?

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Marketing Plan

1. It defines what makes your business unique

First and foremost, a marketing plan allows you to dissect your business and guide you in building your brand. Not only do you learn more about your own business and clients, but you also get insights on how your competitors operate. The objective here is to clearly define what makes you unique and why customers should by from you.

2. It ensures your marketing is aligned with your business goals

Once you’ve identified your business goals, your marketing plan tactically identifies marketing initiatives aimed at reaching those goals. This plan will strategically lay out where you should designate your time, resources and spending dollars to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. This becomes your fast-track to that epic win.

3. It formalizes ideas and keeps you focused

Just like a to-do list, writing your ideas on paper is more likely to be remembered, and most importantly, materialized. A marketing plan is a clear road-map of activities needed to achieve the goals of your business. This plan keeps you focused, while mapping out the messages, channels and tools needed to reach your target.

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