You’ve invested numerous hours and thousands of dollars to create your business website.  You don’t want to spend more time, money and aggravation to restore it after it’s been hacked, do you?  A cyber attack can devastate any business website, at any time.

With the rise in malicious cyber attacks, it’s vital to proactively protect your website, customers and yourself.

1 in 8 legitimate websites have critical vulnerability, and over 552M identities were exposed via breaches in 2013.

For a minimal investment, you can secure your website from the most common attacks.  Our Exceller Marketing Website Security Pack for WordPress websites includes:

  • Plug-ins:  Installation of Wordfence Security and iThemes Security.
  • Detection: Scan and deletion of malicious or suspicious files.
  • Restrictions: Back-end log-in restrictions.
  • Disarming:  Disabling of XML RPC and ping-backs, as appropriate.
  • Clean-up: Removal of unused plug-ins and themes.
  • Alerts: Automatic email security alerts for updates and suspicious activities.
  • Lock-down: Back-end locked during off-peak hours.
  • Redirection:  New back-end url, to discourage automated attacks.
  • Log-ins:  Installation of Captcha for back-end log-ins/passwords authentication, as well as new passwords with strong indicators.
  • Protection:  Common WordPress files protected from access, as well as other site areas protected from most common attack methods.

It’s important to note that no security is 100% effective and there is no guarantee.  However, it is critical that you at least provide standard protection against the most common attacks.  Also, should you need more protection, we can still help.  We’ll evaluate your needs to design a more comprehensive, layered security pack that’s targeted for your specific WordPress website needs.

Once your security pack is installed, you can maintain it yourself or turn to the experts at Exceller Marketing for our affordable Monthly Maintenance Website Security Pack, which includes:

  • Alerts:  Direct line for all admin email alerts and will handle accordingly, without client intervention, as appropriate.
  • Detection: Routine scans and deletion of malicious or suspicious files.
  • Updates:  Implementation all security updates.
  • Support: Urgent plug-in updates for clients, as well as answering questions relating to security plug-ins. (Restoring a hacked site will be additional fee.)

Again, should you need more support, we can design a more comprehensive Monthly Maintenance Website Security Pack that’s just right for you.

Don’t become another statistic.  Protect your investment today.

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