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Case Study 1

BusinessYorktown Community Nursery School, aka YCNS
  • No marketing support
  • Lack of effective advertising
  • Limited budget
  • Spearhead formation of YCNS Marketing and Publicity Committee
  • Create branding/name recognition standards
  • Research and identify advertising alternatives, not traditionally used by pre-school
  • Ensure advertising would reach high-traffic areas
  • Develop program to target new customers
  • Created marketing standards, templates and annual plan
  • Launched “Open House” campaign and marketing communications including print signage, web promotion and flyers
  • Identified, negotiated and secured two new advertising vehicles:
    • shelter advertising at two key Yorktown bus stops for two months – at an 83% savings
    • Yorktown Events signage at three strategic locations – free
  • Total campaign materials cost was $710
Client CommentaryThe economy has been challenging to say the least. We needed to expand our exposure and build name recognition, but we had no idea where to start. Our traditional advertising was not producing the results we wanted. Being a non-profit organization with an extremely tight budget, we thought our advertising options were limited. We knew we needed help so we contacted Kathy. She spearheaded our newly formed Marketing and Publicity Committee.

With this, Kathy took the initiative to go about town and see where she could find new advertising opportunities. She was able to secure shelter advertisements at key Yorktown bus stops for two months. That means our school would be promoted and constantly seen for 60 days in high-traffic areas. She actually got us an amazing deal for only $375 – this campaign typically costs over $2,200 – that’s an 83% savings. Kathy enabled us to use advertising that we never would have thought of.

Additionally, Kathy was also able to negotiate promotional space on several Yorktown Events signs, which too were a first for us. And, since the promotional space is free, we only had to pay a nominal fee for sign production.

It’s important to note that we didn’t just blindly advertise. Rather, Kathy created an ‘Open House’ campaign which we advertised through a variety of vehicles – including the shelter ads, Yorktown signs, our website, flyers and more. It was great. We actually had people calling us who saw our ads.

The beauty of this is that the shelter ads and Yorktown signs have never been used by a nursery school before. Therefore, we were able to reach an audience that previously had been out of reach. One of the biggest benefits Kathy brings is her ability to think outside the box. We were able to use new advertising which gained us additional exposure. We reaped the rewards by building awareness for our school and creating a buzz.

We thank Kathy for her creative skills in identifying and securing advertising that traditionally had been out of our reach.

Maribeth Fay
Yorktown Community Nursery School

Case Study 2

BusinessWestcon Group North America
  • Needed supplemental marketing support
  • Increase customer awareness on understanding and selling wireless networking solutions to the Healthcare and Education markets
  • Create interactive, live webinar/seminar
  • Develop marketing communications, including e-marketing, telemarketing and press media alert
  • Manage entire project and logistics
  • Implemented cross-promotional marketing campaign
  • Launched webinar
  • Conducted telemarketing and registered 20 customers
  • Provided return-on-investment (ROI) Tracking Report which highlighted a total of 116 webinar attendees
Client CommentaryWe needed additional marketing support for one of our vendor partners, and that’s when I turned to Kathy. Kathy thoroughly knows our industry, partners and customers, and since I needed a quick fix, I called upon her for this project. I know Kathy’s a pro, and therefore I felt confident with her ability to get the job done on time and on budget, all while keeping our product manager, vendor partner and customers highly satisfied.

She jumped right in and created an Executive Summary, which clearly identified and outlined the needs of this project. This included creating the goals and objectives, strategy and return-on-investment (ROI)/tracking criteria. The challenge was to increase our customers’ understanding of how to sell wireless networking solutions into the Healthcare and Education markets. This also required some form of educating our customers on the decision-making dynamics of each of these markets.

Kathy conducted an interactive, live webinar to targeted customers and prospects. She managed the entire project including all the marketing communications and logistics, to ensure a successful online seminar.

It is Kathy’s pro-active leadership style and project management skills that contributed to us having more than 100 attendees. We couldn’t be more pleased with Kathy’s level of expertise, service and dedication.

Jennifer Jensen
Director of Marketing
Westcon Group North America

Case Study 3

BusinessWestcon Group, Inc.
  • Generated over 800 leads and needed immediate lead follow-through to ensure increased income and capturing of new customers
  • Develop lead management system
  • Train and assemble strategic sales team
  • Create sales presentations and tools
  • Create tracking program and provide sales analysis
  • Created and managed “Appointment-Setting Campaign” to accelerate sales representative and customer interactions
  • Created and monitored customized tracking program to ensure sales follow-through
  • Provided campaign and sales analysis, resulting in 15 new customers and 10.7% increase in sales.
Client CommentaryAs a result of our very successful webinar series, we generated over 800 leads. With limited resources and time being of the essence, it became critical for us to ensure proper lead follow-through – that’s when we turned to Kathy Argyros. Kathy immediately put together a lead management plan-of-action, and we jointly assembled a project team comprising of our top sales managers. Together, we thoroughly trained this team, in a short amount of time, and created resources to help leverage and track these sales leads.

Kathy’s development, implementation and management of this new lead system helped us jump-start sales, capture and uncover new sales opportunities and reinforce our corporate value proposition. Kathy was instrumental in making our webinar series a success. She was even able to provide us with metrics for our return-on-investment (ROI) showing that we increased sales of these webinar participants by 10.7%, of which 15 of them were new customers. I’ve worked with Kathy on numerous projects and I greatly appreciate her skills, talent and teamwork. She’s an experienced pro, and is willing to do whatever it takes to go the extra mile.

Ronald Sheps
Director, Public Sector (GEM)
Westcon Group, Inc.

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