Skyrocket Sales with Live Chat Software

Live Chat SoftwareLooking for ways to skyrocket sales?

Nothing does this better than Live Chat Software.  It’s a very simple, yet highly effective tool in boosting conversion rates, as well as increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

90% of customers will stay with a product or service that offers Live Chat, making it an invaluable tool for customer retention.

So what is Live Chat?

Live Chat is basically an online customer service tool. Have you ever gone to an online store and a small window in the lower-right corner pops up with a message that says “Hi, my name is Jenna, is there something I can help you with?”…that’s Live Chat.

Although Live Chat is primarily used for online shopping websites, it has tremendous potential as an overall lead generator and customer satisfaction tool for virtually any business website.  I’m forecasting it as a major untapped marketing tool that should be exploited now, before many others catch on.

5 Benefits of Having Live Chat on Your Business Website:

1.  Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • 77% of visitors who use Live Chat believe their questions have been answered efficiently and quickly
  • Customer satisfaction soared to 74% when using Live Chat vs. only 44% for phone conversations

2.  Higher Conversion Rates

  • 61% of online shoppers and visitors are likely to purchase a product or service based soley on a live Chat communication

3.  Stronger Customer Relationships

  • Live Chat software makes it easy to provide a seamless, responsive customer experience, while increasing customer trust and loyalty by putting a face to your business

4.  Higher Return on Investment

  • Live Chat not only increases online conversion rates, but it also increases average order values, while reducing contact center costs by lowering average interaction costs

5.  Boost Customer Retention

  • 90% of customers consider Live Chat helpful and will stay with a product or service that offers it, even if they rarely take advantage of it
  • 63% of online visitors are more likely to return to a website that offers Live Chat

Also, here’s a link from TopTenReviews so that you can evaluate and choose a Live Chat software that’s just right for you and your business. As you can see, Live Chat can obviously increase your business potential, but only if it’s executed correctly.

It’s important that you train your staff on all areas of your business and website navigation so that they can intelligently support visitors. For example, create cheat sheets and FAQs to assist your customer support team.

If you’re ready to skyrocket your sales and don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help. At Exceller Marketing we can customize the Live Chat software, with creative, to match your business branding. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

For more great tools on how to boost your sales, take a peak at our blog on the “5 Essentials for Small Business.”

Best regards, until next time!

Kathy Argyros
Founder and Chief Consultant Exceller Marketing, Inc.

Exceller Marketing is a full-service marketing firm and website design agency servicing small and medium businesses, as well as entrepreneurs in Westchester County, NY and the tri-state area. With powerful traditional and digital marketing communications, coupled with business development, we keep our clients ahead of their competition.

Source: ClickDesk and TopTenReviews


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