Like, Love or Hate Facebook Emojis for Business

New Facebook Emojis for BusinessYour social media is changing…the new Facebook reaction emojis are here, and they could benefit your small business.

Let’s face it, not everyone “likes” everything they see on Facebook, but now we’ve been given the opportunity to show how we really feel with a simple, and visual, emoticon expression.

The use of Facebook emojis can have a positive effect on your business and how you create future content

What are the new Facebook emojis, and how do they work?

There are six emotional reactions to choose from: like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry. On a desktop, simply hover your mouse over the “Like” link and the emojis will appear for you to choose and click. On mobile, tap and hold on the “Like” button, and again the six emojis will display for your choosing.


1. Increased User Engagement

Some of us just don’t have the time to consistently write comments on what we see on social media. Now we’re just one click away from reacting to a post with a happy, sad or angry face.

Statistics show that emoticons, some more than others, can have a positive effect on the interaction levels of your audience.

The down side, is the potential for less commentary on your content. Comments are always a good indicator of how a user truly feels and a more accurate analysis on why they feel that way. One way around this is to always remember that social media is not about one-way communication. Interact with your audience to find out the real reasons behind their emotions.

2. Immediate Reviews of Your Content and Products

Survey says…5 likes and 50 angry faces. This is what you’re seeing on your recent post about a new product you’re thinking of unveiling. What better way to get an immediate response to your product.

Now’s the time to, again, connect with your audience. It’s imperative that you respond to negativity. Dive into your posts, and follow up with your followers. Ask questions to gain a better understanding as to why they’re feeling the way they do. Which leads me to…

3. Understanding Your Audience Better

Sorry Fonzie…it’s not all about the thumbs up anymore. “Liking” a particular post doesn’t always mean we actually like it. Now we can choose from 6 different emotions we want to share.

A multi-dimensional view gives us a better sense of how our audience perceives our content and products. These adorable emojis can stimulate the visual part of our brains and guide us to an emotional reaction. A customer’s emotional relationship with a brand can be a fundamental driver of customer loyalty.

4. Knowing How to Formulate Better Future Content

The “emoji focus group” is complete. Are your posts working? Are people interested in your products? Your questions are being answered.

Having insight into our audience’s interests educates us on the success rate of our status updates and advertisements. Now that we know our audience, what engages them, and what products they like, we can create the type of content that will drive business for us.

And just as Facebook’s reasoning behind these new emojis, we too as business owners can collect this data and target personalized, preferred content into our user’s feeds. No more stale, repetitive posts that tempt our audience to look elsewhere.

Of course, the emoji is not the quintessential analytical tool by any means, however it is a good start. So whether you love or hate them, you can’t deny they have some value.

For more information on other tools that can benefit your small business and increase customer loyalty, read our blog on the “5 Essentials for Small Business.”

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Best regards, until next time!

Kathy Argyros
Founder and Chief Consultant
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