Easy Holiday Promotions

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Although nowadays, it seems there’s a holiday for everything, now is the time to boost your end-of-year sales for the biggest holiday season of the year.

Still having trouble putting your holiday business promotion together?

No worries, we have some great, quick, easy and effective holiday promotions you can create right now.

As a busy Westchester, NY small business owner, it can be difficult and time-consuming trying to come up with new and unique holiday promotions each year.

We have some ideas that are sure to facilitate the process.

In 2018, holiday retail sales finally crossed the $1 trillion mark and 65% of holiday purchases are influenced by sales and promotions.

Here are 5 quick and easy holiday promotions for your small business:

1. Generate ideas

Help your customers, and potential customers, by providing them with gift ideas.

  • Feature a “Holiday Gift Guide… “Best Gifts for Her” or “Great Gifts Under $50”

For example, a local jeweler can guide customers to their products by grouping them under one easy headline making it easy for consumers to find gifts for her. Buyers tend to look for gifts in certain price ranges, so facilitate the process by pointing them in the right direction and making those gifts easily accessible.

  • Advertise a Limited-Time Holiday Offer… “Get $100 off any job of $500 or more”

The holiday season can typically be slow for tradesman, such as contractors, painters, etc. Limited-Time Holiday offers are a great way to pump up business during this quiet time.

2. Gift cards

Gift cards are the most requested holiday gift item year after year.

  • Offer a discount on a gift card purchase… “Pay $100 for a $200 gift card”

Not only are gift cards great for the gift giver, because it’s a simple and easy purchase, but the receiver also enjoys having the choice of what to purchase, rather than having to return a gift they don’t want. A great outlet for offering discounts such as this, as well as getting more exposure for your local business, is to get on e-commerce marketplace websites such as Groupon or Living Social. This approach is especially beneficial for local restaurants.

3. Rewards

Rewards are ideal for brick and mortar stores. Reward your customers, and potential consumers, with added-value on their purchases.

  • Receive a gift card with purchase…”Get a $25 Starbucks Gift Card with every purchase”

Purchase a stack of gift cards from a popular online retailer or a company that is frequently visited, such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Best Buy, etc., then offer these up along with any purchase from your business. Just be careful not to offer a gift card from a business that sells the same products and/or services as you do. It’s as easy as going to your local grocery store, they have tons of options for gift cards to choose from.

  • Reward loyal customers with a “Customer Loyalty Program”

Offer an exclusive discount or reward for customers only. This is a great customer retention tactic to help garner repeat business. For example, salon owners can offer a free holiday party blow-dry with any haircut & color. If you have an e-newsletter, this is an optimal marketing tool that will showcase your offer and target only your current customers.

4. Adopt a Charity

What better time to spread goodwill than during the holiday season.

  • Donate proceeds to charity… “For every dollar spent, we’ll match up to $1,000 to our charity”

As a business owner you may already donate to your favorite charity each year. Why not use this as an opportunity to show your philanthropic nature and the goodwill of others by promoting it during the holiday season. Not only is this helping those in need or those less fortunate, but your business is also getting sales from it.

5. Help with Finances

Finances and budgets can be very tight during the holiday season, so why not make it easier for the consumer when deciding to make a holiday purchase.

  • Be flexible with payment plans… “Defer 1st payment until after the holidays”

If you’re a business that typically offers financing already, this is a great way to drum up business. Instead of getting your dollars at purchase, hold off the initial payment for 30 days. Although people may be careful about spending during the holiday season, some are still likely to buy things even if they don’t have the budget. The opportunity to pay for something later makes that purchase all the more enticing and puts the consumer at ease when deciding whether to buy that product or service.

All these ideas are simple and effective ways of generating more customers and sales during the holiday season. Pick one that works best for your business and go with it. But please note, it’s very crucial that you’re clear with your messaging when it comes to time frames, expiration dates, exclusions, etc.

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We’re here to help…

The holidays can be a very busy and stressful time for any small business owner, that’s why we’re here to help. At Exceller Marketing, we can quickly develop your holiday promotion and recommend the proper marketing channels for you to use to get the word out now. Please feel free to contact us today for a FREE consultation.

For more information on how to maximize the value of your gift card, visit our blog “Increase Your Holiday Sales.”

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